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Chris Headrick

Chris was a junior in college in 1973 at SUNY Albany, and had to take a Phys Ed credit, so she signed up for tennis and instantly got hooked from the start.  She needed someone to play with and made her husband (Greg) who eventually became her best learning partner as he was the athlete of the family even though hadn’t played tennis before that either.


Three years later, Chris and Greg became good friends with a pro and his wife at their very small, local club in Roanoke, VA.   Greg played with Bill (the pro), three times a week, just for fun. And Chris would absorb all that Bill taught Greg. They play mixed doubles on Friday evenings and then go out afterward.  Great fun.   Greg and Chris played together ever since- he was her best backboard and encourager!  

Her first racquet was a Chrissy Evert wood racquet!!  Chris and Greg changed and upgraded through the years as technology changed.  For many years, whatever the racquet, Greg and Chris always bought the same one in the same grip size, so they always had two. Chris learned to play with a big grip, as Greg’s hands were much larger than hers.  


Chris loved watching and followed Chris Everett and Martina Navratilova, Venus, Serena,  and of course, Rafa and Federer. 

Everyone that knows Chris, will say what a friendly and very good player she is. She too enjoys the many friendly, passionate Timber Pines tennis players, all trying to compete and have fun.  Her comment is: “We have a great tennis community.  As a snowbird, I love playing on the Har- Tru clay courts at Timber Pines. The upkeep and investment in the courts at TP is a much appreciated benefit to all players”. 


Besides tennis Chris enjoys playing Pickleball (best new courts!), reading, gardening and do- it- yourself projects.  She is also a gamer too- love most board and card games- cribbage, bridge, ping-ping, and recently learned mah-jongg. 


Presently Chris is on USTA teams during the summer and fall, and twice, and her teams have qualified for Nationals. In 2020, her team got to play at the USTA National Campus in Lake Nona, FL.  Chris’s reaction: “ It’s an impressive facility, with over 100 courts of every surface and it’s so close to Spring Hill. When college or USTA matches aren’t scheduled, the public can reserve courts. It’s worth a trip! “

                                   - By Ace Reporter Josephine

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