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Donnie started playing at the age of 12, on an asphalt court.  He didn’t remember the brand of the first racquet but it was a wood racquet.  His favorite racquet was the Head Aluminum Blue Master.   No pun intended that it was a “HEAD” racquet.


Donnie loved watching Jimmy Dan Conners play because “Connors gave it everything on the court.”  We can all agree that Connors was very entertaining.


Donnie is enjoying meeting new players and friends at Timber Pines but not just on the tennis courts. He also has made many friends playing ping pong, pickle ball, and golf.


Donnie enjoys listening to classic rock music and watching movies with his wife Leanne.


Donnie is being inducted into the Kentucky Tennis Hall of Fame on April 30th in Louisville. Please read the article included in his picture.


His tennis accolades and dedication are truly honorable !  He continues to show his dedication to tennis by giving morning tennis lessons at the TP Lodge Courts. .  Also he has introduced drills for his clinic at night at the TP CC courts. “Donnie’s Clinic” is a fun way to learn how to play better tennis with more exercise.  All players and all levels are welcome.


-By Ace Reporter Josephine

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