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Joan Simmons


Joan Simmons started playing tennis at 30 years.  Joan and her sister joined a local indoor tennis club in Michigan for something to do in the Winter. They were put on a women's travel team and played other clubs in the area.

In the summer the sisters played USTA tennis. Joan’s sister advanced quickly and eventually coached girls high school tennis and went to states 3 times.

Joan stayed at 3.5 level and just enjoyed social tennis.


Joan and her husband Grant eventually moved to Timber Pines.  She loves all the fun people she met here in Timber pines. She continues to enjoy the friendly tennis competition.


Joan also plays golf and pickle ball.  Grant too also plays tennis and they are always looking for folks to play mixed doubles with. So please call them!


Josephine’s note: Both my husband and I can say that Joan and Grant are very upbeat pleasant people to hang out with.

     - By Ace Reporter Josephine

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