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Lyn French


Lyn started playing tennis when she moved to a very small village in New Brunswick, Canada - French Fry Capital of the World - population 680!  The only doctor in town built an indoor court to get some of the residents interested in tennis and also gave lessons as well.  At that time, Lyn had two small children and a full time career; tennis, given the small amount of time required, worked for her.


She doesn’t recall her first racquet, but remembers getting an oversized Prince racquet which she still has today.  The rivalries between Chris and Martina were legendary then - and today, it is great to see they remain friends.


As the children grew and Lyn had more time, she ventured into golf which she continues to play today - one of the primary reasons Lyn and her husband bought a home in Timber Pines 14 years ago.  


However, The Timber Pines Tennis Club was welcoming with Jim Reynolds “patiently” giving a few of the ladies lessons and Ann O’Connell letting them play in her group….tennis became a rival for golf!


Lyn continues to play both tennis and golf today with special ladies in Timber Pines as well as Ontario, Canada.


Many people think Lyn is Canadian, but she was born and raised around Boston MA. She married a Canadian and eventually moved to Canada. They have two daughters who live in Alabama and South Carolina. Spending the winter season in Timber Pines affords them the opportunity to spend time together as a family.  The family loves Timber Pines as much as they do and look forward to many more years enjoying what this great place has to offer!


Hope to see you all in the fall again!

     -  By Ace Reporter Josephine

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