Our 2021 annual meeting and election of officers will take place at the country club courts on Thursday, February 18th at 1:00. Please bring a chair and socially distance.

Our 2021 Club championship has been cancelled

After much discussion with tournament directors and tennis club members, the tennis club board has decided to cancel our upcoming 2021 Championship Tournament.  The tournament directors have worked diligently to try to find a format that was safe for players, spectators and themselves. It has become obvious that the tournament would have little resemblance to our traditional tournaments and could have a relatively small number of participants.

To come to this conclusion, your board considered the following factors:

  • Nothing is more important than staying safe.

  • Since our original survey was taken, several club members have indicated that based on current conditions, they have changed their mind and are no longer willing to play or be a spectator.

  • We are lucky to be able to play tennis with our friends as we do now. We don’t want to create an event that causes us to lose that capability.

  • Very few of our tennis players will have received a vaccine in time for it to be effective by the time the tournament starts

  • The newly discovered COVID variations appear to be considerably more contagious than the original strain making social distancing even more difficult.

  • Recent positive test results have made us realize just how hard it can be to contact trace if it becomes necessary. Many of us play tennis, golf, cards, mahjong, and Pickleball. If you add those factors in, it will be practically impossible to develop an accurate list of people that may have been in contact with someone that tests positive.

We hope that you understand this was a difficult decision, but we are looking forward to tournaments resuming in the fall. Thank you for your patience and understanding.