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Ed Daley

When Ed was a youngster, he often took his sister’s wooden racquet to hit against a wall but he really started playing in his 30s. Ed’s cousin and he would play outside at the public courts in the summer but moved to indoor courts in the winter time in Massachusetts. Ed played with a Wilson metal racquet in those days.

Fast forward to moving into Timber Pines and buying his first Babolat racquet, which he is loyal with playing to date. He took a few lessons from Lynne Budnick and got some coaching from Kat as he started joining leagues in TP. One summer, John Dziarkowski and Ed had a kind of Boot Camp where they would play for hours under the summer sun. That really helped him get into great shape! 

Ed watches a lot of tennis on TV or at any live tournament he can get to and enjoys it all.  Ed enjoys the Har-Tru TP courts and the friends he has met playing with. He likes the way tennis brings people together who probably wouldn’t be friends otherwise.


Ed is a musician. Back in Massachusetts, he played guitar in a bar band for over 10 years and still enjoys jamming with friends. Kat and Ed met when she was a music journalist so they always seek out new music and concerts.

Over the years, Ed has taken up a wide variety of hobbies; billiards, magic, metal detecting, coin collecting, photography, etc. He also likes walking for exercise and cooling off in the pool. 

Ed has worked a lot of different jobs over his lifetime. As a teen, he worked construction, worked in a bakery and in a dairy store. Later, he went to school to become an IT tech and did that at a non-profit in the Berkshires. Since Ed is not yet 65 years old, he has worked part-time while living here. Ed drove a school bus for a few years but when the pandemic hit, he retired. Ed retrained as a certified home health aide and is really enjoying working with older people both in and outside of Timber Pines

-        By Ace Reporter Josephine

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