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John Basile

When John Basile moved to Timber Pines in 1997 he started playing tennis with a neighbor.  Dick Johnson invited him to play with 2 other men as a foursome (not living on their street - Morning Glory Trail).

John’s first racquet was a Wilson racquet.  His favorite players are McEnroe – Nadal – Connors ---- in that order.


John is our oldest tennis player (94 years old).  He is very passionate about exercising and welcomes the chance to try something new.  But so important too, was the camaraderie - developing friendships that lasted throughout these many years.

Besides having many friends, John is enjoying his life with Camille Axelson, better known ‘as the love of his life’.  John met Camille in Timber Pines , 19 years ago.   Also his married daughter (Sandy Uliano and her husband) keep John and Camille active enjoying dinner and dancing.


John is involved in so many activities besides tennis.  He loves music, sports, and hobbies.  Music is definitely his ‘Thing’, whether it's playing an instrument (he plays guitar but can enjoy other instruments as well) or singing for his sweet Camille or for friends and others - it is another passion of his.  He also enjoys golf - currently playing 9 holes a week. Bowling is another area he enjoyed and has been on Timber Pins League over previous years.


John was a police officer in Bridgeport CT and retired as Captain, and following that he was Chief of Police of Bethel CT for 16 years.


Both John and Camille have been in many TP Tennis tournaments.  I have had the pleasure of playing in tournaments with both John and Camille in different years.  I remember one year, just before the start of a tournament match, he asked me to hold his phone and said to call ‘911’ if he got faint since he had recent heart surgery.


 John’s sporting trophies are:

2013 Charity Tournament Men's "C" doubles with T. Riordan

2014 Mixed "C" doubles  Championship Tournament

2014 Men's "C" doubles Championship Tournament

2016 Team Eagles 1st place Timber Pins Bowling 


Both my husband and I have known John and Camille for approximately 8 years and have enjoyed their company here in Florida and in Connecticut.


Keep on singing those love songs John !

          - By Ace Reporter Josephine

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