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Rita Beebe


Rita had never played tennis before moving to Timber Pines.  Her husband Ken had played tennis since he was 20 years old and even had his own tennis court.  Tennis was a big attraction to him and that is why Ken wanted to move to Timber Pines.


A few years after moving into Timber Pines they both joined the TP Tennis club. Rita wasn’t playing immediately but enjoyed watching lots of the tennis matches, going to the many social events and volunteering at tennis events.  Ken finally bought Rita a Wilson racquet even though she had never played or had a great interest in playing at her age. One day later, her friend Daryl Pierce asked if she would be interested in taking tennis lessons with her and a small group of women.


So at age 60, Rita took tennis lessons and started playing tennis every week, 2 or 3 times a week.  She had made lots of good friends and played in some tournaments winning in her division of doubles twice.


Rita’s favorite professional players are Andre Agassi and Roger Federer. Rita and Ken traveled to Miami Florida to watch them a few times in the Miami Open.


Playing tennis at Timber Pines gave Rita the opportunity to meet lots of people and make new friends not only at tennis but golfing, playing cards, taking cruises, and going to visit their new friends in their winter homes.


Other activities Rita enjoys are Gardening, Golf, Mahjong, Pickleball, Traveling and spending time with their Grandkids.  When you don’t see Rita at any of the TP amenities, you can always find her outside gardening at her house on Grandfather Mountain.  Believe me, her garden, both in the front yard and back yard is beautiful !

                        -By Ace Reporter Josephine

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