Martina vs Chrissie - a look back

2022 Fall Classic

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One of the greatest rivalries in sports was Christ Evert vs. Martina Navratilova.  Both players won 18 Grand Slam singles titles.  But it wasn't just the number of wins that made this rivalry special - it was the contrast in styles.

Chrissie was a phenomenal base-liner, patient and able to use angles.  She wore people down with her style and mental toughness.

Martina was just as phenomenal, but it was a totally different style - serve and volley.  With a powerful serve and excellent hands around the net, she would keep points short and usually dominated her opponents.

For the record, the head to head record was Martina 43, and Chrissie 37.  Chrissie dominated over the first 5 years, going 21-4 against Martina; but as time went on, Martina was able to catch up then overtake her rival.

They exhibited good sportsmanship, resepct and frendship for one another..