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Jean McCarthy was born in Liverpool, England and immigrated with her parents & brother to Massachusetts, USA when she was 12 years old.


Jean went to High School & College (BS in Education - majoring in Physical Education & Health) and taught Physical Education for 30 years before retiring with her husband to Timber Pines in 1992. 


Jean was taught the history & rules and basics of tennis as a requirement for her Physical Education major along with all the other sports.  She never played again until retiring in Timber Pines with her late husband.  She joined the TP Tennis Club and learned while playing.  One of the better players here then was “Graciela Levy”.  Graciela had just about every shot in the book, especially angle & dropshots. So, Jean watched, played and learned.


Jean enjoyed watching Pete Sampras play especially against Agassi.  They both played on the court using all different shots. Chrissie Evert was her favorite female player.  It was also fun to watch the Williams sisters when they first started playing professionally.


Jean has enjoyed her years playing at Timber Pines, first on the 2 courts at the Lodge and then on the 6 courts at the Country Club.  She also joined the USTA tennis team and thoroughly enjoyed that experience.  


Jean plays golf twice a week and is hoping to play pickleball on a regular basis soon.  She also plays bridge and another card game called pepper.  Jean has a son, daughter-in-law and 2 granddaughters, one married with 2 children, that live here in Florida. She also gets to visit with them often so she guesses you could say she is a "fulltime" retiree.


Josephine’s note: I haven’t known Jean for long.  Got to play with her once and she is a pleasure to play with. You can say that she is currently the “Graciela Levy” of tennis in Timber Pines.


  • By Ace Reporter Josephine

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