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Patrick Sweeney

Patrick began to playing tennis in 1991 in Tampa, Florida when a friend invited him to play. He started to watch professional tennis and went to the public tennis courts and played pick up tennis; joined the tennis ladder at MP Tennis; then joined Harbour Island Athletic Club and took tennis lessons. Patrick’s first racquet was a Head racquet. He really enjoyed playing with that racquet. He purchased it at MP Tennis; they strung the racquet and assisted him in correctly sizing the grip. Several professional players that he saw on TV used the same racquet.

Patrick’s favorite player when he started tennis was Steffi Graf. He enjoyed the Steffi Graf and Monica Seles rivalry; very intense matches with different styles of play. He was new to tennis and their matches enlightened him to the effect of the surface on the outcome of the matches. It helped him appreciate grass court tennis; indoor tennis; hard courts and clay.

Patrick says: "Timber Pines tennis is great for participation and camaraderie between the tennis players. Everyone gets to play; everyone is accommodated and invited to play."

Patrick and his wife Joy enjoy combining travel with tennis. Going to a professional tennis tournament and then visiting and sightseeing in that area of the country. The best part of the professional tennis tournaments is first several days when all the players are present; you can see matches close up and get photos with the players; you can see matches with players who are not always on TV. Patrick enjoys history; visiting historical sites that he has read about. He tries to read about the area and the history of a state or city before Joy and Patrick visit.

Patrick was an attorney in Tampa and enjoyed the practice of law. Every day was a new challenge to assist others in difficult situations who were in need of special advice and knowledge in an area of the law. Patrick also enjoys bocce ball. He is President of the Republican Club and enjoys politics and following political events.

Patrick has taken notice of the new clay courts, the pavers (instead of grass) and the new restrooms.

Josephine’s Note: Both Patrick and his wife are very helpful people …. willing to help you when in need.

  • By Ace Reporter Josephine

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